Load Tracking

Track shipments from start to finish. GPS tracking lets you follow every load.

Keep up with what’s important—your freight. Track where your shipments are in real-time. Every truck and every trailer has up-to-the-second tracking, giving everyone peace of mind.

See where your freight is headed. Sign in to Sky’s live shipment tracking portal.

Tracking shipments is simple! Learn how to track your loads at Sky.

  1. Sky gives you a personalized login.

  2. Sign in to our live shipment tracking portal.

  3. See details of your past and current shipments.

  4. If you need help, reach out to customerservice@sky-transportation.com.

Get the data you need to ensure shipments arrive safely. We help you monitor your cargo.

Live Tracking

Get instant tracking from vehicle satellites.

Route Details

See past and current shipment information.

Delivery Proof

Receive a quick POD upon request.


Know where your shipment is at all times.

Are you a current customer? Start tracking your freight today.

Get started! All customers have access to Sky Transportation’s load tracking service.

Track your shipments live. Call (915) 778-8844 or complete our online contact form.